Today’s carpet combines the warmth and comfort that everyone remembers with the science and technology that makes it a lasting investment. 

    Manufacturers have developed new yarns and finishes, like Mohawk’s Smartstrand, with the goal of a soft feel that can handle family life. 
  • Stainmaster is just one of the stain resistant processes infused into carpet strands to prevent stains. 
  • New weaving techniques, like Ravel Guard by Kraus, prevent the pull of the vacuum cleaner and keep the seams seamed.
  • Magic Fresh by Bliss is a process added to the carpet fiber that neutralizes most common household odors such as pet, cooking and smoking odors
  • Nylon and polyester and combinations of the two fibers are used to make carpets with a variety of looks and feels.  Manufacturer’s are proud of their use of post-consumer fibers as responsible stewards of the environment
  • For that plush feel, residential carpets are available in face-weights up to 75-ounces.


Commercial carpets are available in both nylon and polyester in 20, 22, 26, 28 and 32-ounce face-weights. 


  • Made for high-traffic areas, commercial carpets carry a wear warrantee of 5-, 10-, or 20-years, depending on the carpet and application.
  • Consider Carpet Tile for ease of design and possible replacement should damage occur.
  • Broadloom carpet gives a large space a continuous unified look in an almost endless variety of designs.
  • Ask to see the architect books for Boylu, Patcraft, Kraus, Barrett, or Shaw.



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